Epoxy Shortboard with Carbon Fibre Rails

Objective: To create an epoxy surfboard with the same feel as a conventional polyester board with reduced weight and maximum buoyancy.

Answer: Custom Light Variable Flex Technology.

The ability to change the flexibility of a surfboard keeping maximum buoyancy and reduced weight of a conventional polyester board producing best performance, drive, responsiveness, in all size waves and conditions.

Current design averages 25 to 30% lighter and offers 30% more buoyancy than existing polyester surfboards in today’s market.

This technology comes to you with the backing of over 25 years of design and testing of surfboards. This design has the equivalent feel of a polyester surfboard with the added benefit of a “memory” that will keep the original spring, which polyester boards loose after a period of time.

Over the past two years extensive trials on different composite materials have resulted in the ultimate formula we now use today. In the last 12 months over 100 boards have been made using this design resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.