Katana Surfboards, located in Perth, Western Australia make custom epoxy surfboards that truly rip. Also available are SLSC approved paddle and nipper boards. We also make custom epoxy knee, sail and waveski boards plus the ever reliable PU surfboards.

Over the past two years extensive trials on different composite materials have resulted in the ultimate formula we now use today in our high performance custom epoxy short boards.Our current custom epoxy surfboards design averages 25 to 30% lighter and offers 30% more buoyancy than existing polyester surfboards in today’s market, making it a great choice for your next shortboard.

The rails on our custom epoxy short boards are made of carbon fibre allowing the best performance, drive & responsiveness, similar to that of a firewire model board. For an epoxy surfboard they have a lot more flex than the more rigid tufflite model boards.

Custom Shapes
Forget off the rack shapes, @ Katana with over 25 years experiance in the design and testing of surfboards, we can offer you a high performance epoxy shortboard with all your prefered specs, and in time, with fine tuning, have you riding your dream surfboard.

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